Bank St. tops parking complaints in 2013

Bank on snagging a parking ticket along Ottawa’s best-known stretch.

Bank St. topped the list of parking complaints the city received in 2013, with 679 grievances phoned in to 311, and also led the way in total tickets issued, with 6,113 tickets.

Laurier Ave. was next, narrowly beating Somerset St. by one complaint.

Guigues Ave. — which spans only four residential blocks in Lowertown — and Rideau St. rounded out the Top 5, totaling 13,903 tickets issued in 2013.

“The reality is that the high volumes are always going to show up on the busy, busy streets,” said city bylaw chief Linda Anderson, noting those areas are proactively patrolled.

Businesses “start to suffer as a result of people parking in a space all day,” she said.

Congestion is another concern.

The Sun asked the city for the Top 5 streets with the most parking tickets.

Specific blocks weren’t available.

The top offences varied by location, but stopping in a no-stop area scored high on four of the five streets, netting a $110 fine.

“There’s a difference between no parking and no stopping,” said Anderson.

Items or people can be loaded or unloaded in a no parking zone, or “you can stop the vehicle and you can unload something onto the sidewalk. You cannot leave the vehicle,” said Anderson.

Still, “no stopping means just that – no stopping, no parking, not permitted under any circumstance.”

Cops defer parking issues to bylaw officers, said Ottawa Police Const. Chuck Benoit.

Should a motorist pull over in a no-stopping zone, “we’d do the education right there,” Benoit said, and tell the driver to “keep it moving.”

Laurier and Bank were also flagged for motorists failing to pay at the meter.

“If I was a rich man, I’d go feed everybody’s meter,” said Glebe BIA executive director Andrew Peck.

With thousands of cars passing through, “I think people do the best they can,” he said.

Parking on city property is an issue on Laurier.

Anderson explained it’s typically motorists abusing the Lisgar lot at City Hall, where reserved spots are for media, couriers, and electric cars using the charger.

Tickets there are logged at 110 Laurier Ave. W.

Parking in excess of the posted time limit was the main issue along Guigues Ave., between the Byward Market and the Elisabeth-Bruyere Hospital.

City-wide, bylaw averaged 8,002 parking complaints per quarter in 2013.

“There’s really not a huge difference between summer and winter,” said Anderson.

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