10 reasons to vote


10. Poverty/Housing

More than 10,000 households contacted the city’s social housing registry in 2013 regarding its waitlist. Only the Liberals addressed affordable housing in the form of renewing a partnership with the federal government.

9. Accountability

Ethical Dilemma

Time to punish those shady Liberals for the gas plants, eHealth, and Ornge debacles by supporting another party?

8. Pensions

Liberals touting a provincial plan, doubling recipients’ retirement income. Businesses aren’t enthused. PC leader Tim Hudak pegs it a “payroll tax.”

7. Healthcare

Promises, Promises

The NDP’s pledging 50 new 24-hour clinics, more nurse practitioners, 1,400 more long term care beds.

Conservatives offering 5,000 long-term care beds and doubling the caregiver tax credit.

Liberals are guaranteeing each resident has access to primary care; mental health strategy, in vitro fertilization, home care.

6. Democratic Duty


Whether you live with your parents, rent, or own multiple properties, be thankful for the freedom to cast a ballot. Be an active participant.

5. Economics

Projected $12.5-billion Deficit in 2014

Liberals planning fiscal balance in 2017-18; $2.5 billion for corporate grants to attract investment and woo businesses; raising taxes for those who earn more than $150K.

NDP also balancing budget in 2017-18; increase corporate tax rate by 1%.

PC saying balanced books in 2016-17; slash business taxes by 30%.

4. Education

Greens propose merging public and Catholic systems, possibly saving $1.6 billion.

Liberals planning complete full day kindergarten rollout, boost math scores.

Conservatives say reinstate the old math curriculum, decrease the number of teachers, support staff and early childhood educators, increase class sizes.

NDP planning Open Schools fund to prevent closures, extend after-hour programs.

3. Hudak’s Math

PC leader swears he’ll cut 100,000 public sector jobs and create one million jobs. Download a scientific calculator app and have fun.

2. Energy Costs

HST will be removed from residential hydro bills, say Democrats, saving you around $120 annually.

Conservatives pledging to scrap all renewable energy agreements.

Liberals will keep supporting green energy.

1. Infrastructure

The Greens, NDP, and Liberals, have promised the $65 million needed to clean up the Ottawa River.

The $1 billion second phase of LRT is supported by the Liberals. Kathleen Wynne said funds will flow from a $14 billion fund for transportation outside of the GTA.

Hudak rejected bankrolling our LRT then flip-flopped, saying it will be funded after the budget is balanced in 2016, though he hasn’t committed financially.

Greens are in favour. NDP’s Horwath has also refused to commit.


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