Ottawa ComicCon 2013 tickets on sale today

Nerds rejoice. Tickets go on sale for Comiccon today, with Gillian Anderson from the X-Files and Batman and Robin leading the procession.

The event is taking place May 10-12 at the Ernst & Young Centre.

Last year 22,000 comic, scifi and other fantasy fans attended.

Here’s a list of highlights this time around:

Adam West and Burt Ward, the beloved Batman and Robin of the 1960s hit television series
Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation) will join Wil Wheaton, famous for his portrayals of Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: TNG and occasional archenemy of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.
Fans of the original Star Wars trilogy will be get to meet Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian).
Jewel Staite will be representing the cult favorite show Firefly (and its follow-up movie Serenity), created by The Avengers director Joss Whedon.
From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris) and Felicia Day (Vi) will be in the house.
Comic book fans will be delighted with the spectacular roster of guest creators, spearheaded by the multiple award-winning penciller, George Pérez (The Avengers, Wonder Woman, World’s Finest) and legendary storyteller Mike Grell (Warlord, Jon Sable Freelance) whose work on the internationally acclaimed Green Arrow: Long Bow Hunters, allowed for Green Arrow to have his own series.
To celebrate the X-Men’s 50th anniversary, Chris Claremont, the architect behind some of the X-Men’s greatest sagas, and Nick Bradshaw, praised for his explosive pages in the top-selling Wolverine and the X-Men, will be there to sign autographs.

Visit for details.

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