Laptops finally fit in new Ottawa police cruisers after months of delay

The new Ottawa police cruisers might be on the road as early as next week, following a five-month delay due to ill-fitting equipment.

The mobile data terminals or laptops didn’t fit in the 2013 Ford Police Interceptor.

Laptops will now be mounted against the centre dashboard “and that’s really the only solution that will work with a fixed system because of the way that the airbags deploy in the Ford,” said Insp. Uday Jaswal.

“We were able to use a commercially available mount that’s already being used by other services and tweak that to the equipment that we have, so it’s a solution that we’re pretty comfortable with.”

But there’s still no word on the cost per unit, or if taxpayers are handling the tab.

“We’re in discussions with the supplier,” Jaswal said, adding Ford Canada is in the loop.

The new Taurus will phase out the Crown Victoria.

The city forked over $1.6 million for 58 police Interceptors.

“I would suggest that they’ll all be on the road before the end of February,” said Jaswal.

Some cars will join the surplus of cruisers.

The Taurus has been used for a “variety of sections already” but not in a patrol capacity, for which on-board equipment is required.

Almost a dozen patrol officers have field-tested the car, said Jaswal, however the amount of hours they spent in the vehicle wasn’t disclosed.

Roughly 50 more cruisers will be ordered this year, likely the 2014 version.

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