Shots shock Orléans residents

Under a sunny blue sky there was no blatant display of violence in a quiet east-end neighbourhood — unless you went right up to the corner house and squinted.

There they were, six bullet holes in the siding.

Shots were fired at 1880 Summerfields Cres., near Innes Rd. and Orléans Blvd., at 8:40 p.m. Saturday, shocking many residents in this family friendly complex.

“I was just sitting in the living room. We were playing games, video games, and I heard a number of loud bangs,” said a neighbour who didn’t want his name used.

A man a few doors down often works in the garage, so “we thought that maybe he was (in there.) It sounded like a hammer banging on metal.”

No injuries were reported.

Still, residents are reeling.

“It’s scary, ’cause I thought it was a pretty safe neighbourhood,” he said.

Numerous homeowners were stunned to hear of flagrant gun activity on their street, noting heavy police response Saturday.

The incident was “definitely not gang-related,” Ottawa Police Sgt. Seth Curtis, from the guns-and-gangs unit, told the Sun Saturday evening.

As far as leads go, “we don’t really have much,” said Curtis.

Another neighbour said he heard the shots while watching TV.

“It sounded like something rattled off the siding,” he said.

“It was loud enough to know it was unusual.”

The incident has the long-time resident and his family feeling anxious.

“There’s children in probably half the houses in here,” he said. “We feel scared, for sure. We’ve got little kids, too.”

A middle-aged man lives in the house with his wife, a kindergarten-age daughter, and son likely in high school, neighbours said.

Two nearby mailboxes are tagged with graffiti, one reading ‘Blood.’

Nonetheless, there are “no persons of interest from that house,” said Curtis.

Ultimately, residents are “hoping it’s nothing big or it’s not the start of something greater than this,” said a woman whose two children were playing outside.

The complex is “community-driven,” said a man who moved in two years ago.

“We don’t see the police unless you call 911,” for a health-related matter, he added.

The Sun spotted a cruiser rolling past the house Sunday afternoon.

Anyone with information can contact investigators at 613-236-1222 ext. 5050.

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