Road rage? Men most likely to admit it, poll finds


The finger, the fist, or the cutoff — 79% of Canadian drivers admit to aggressive behaviour that could be deemed as road rage, according to a recent poll commissioned by

Men are more likely than women to admit being peeved behind the wheel — something Ross Douglas of Orleans can relate to.

What makes drivers see red is “being cut off. That really upsets people. Me, especially,” he said.
Likewise, “going into the lane they’re trying to get into, or turning left and they’re trying to go straight,” will also do the trick, said west end resident Lynda MacKay.

In Ontario, 83% of men and 72% of women admit to being combative on the road.

“I’d say the women have caught up,” said Ken MacKay of Nepean.

He said he normally sees drivers “cutting in, cutting people off, speeding, of course.”

Road rage, in this poll, refers to speeding, profanity and lewd gestures directed at another motorist, intentionally cutting off another driver, following too closely, or getting out of a vehicle to physically confront someone.

Duncan Brown of Barrhaven said he witnessed an argument earlier this week in a Merivale Rd. plaza when two drivers scrapped over a parking spot.

“This guy was just letting an old woman cross the street and everything and he didn’t leave his signal on to let the person know that he was turning, and then she gets out of the car and she’s furious,” said Brown.

“After that, you know, she’s screaming at him and he’s screaming at her…she said. ‘…maybe next time, turn on your signal’and it’s just like ‘ok, you guys are fighting over a signal?’”

Nonetheless, more than 22% of female respondents consider themselves above road rage, making them “perfect drivers,” while 15% of men polled viewed themselves this way.

Lyn McGregor described herself as a bad driver, “so I can’t say men. I’ll say women,” she said.
“They never look. They’re always on their cell phones.”
Brown, though, said otherwise.

“I know a lot of guys that just have that really, really, short temper and I don’t know, but I guess it depends on who you are and how you think, really,” said Brown.

In 60 years of driving, Ken MacKay said “I must have (lost it) sometime, I guess. But I don’t recall. Not recently. Not in the last 20 years.”

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