Homeless centre’s relocation delayed

A downtown homeless drop-in centre hasn’t yet relocated to St. Alban’s Church as planned, and some nearby condo owners opposing the move are hoping it stays put on Murray St.

Another condominium, The Galleria 2, is currently under construction at 238 Besserer St., right behind the church.

“Now that the new building is there, you can just see it, how close it is,” said Keith Nuthall from community group Neighbours of St. Alban’s.

They fear the move will bring conflict.

The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is relocating the centre from 216 Murray St. to St. Alban’s, from its original home, on King Edward Ave. between Besserer St. and Daly Ave.

The move was supposed to take place by Christmas.

It’s being postponed due to construction at the church.

“We’re in the process of tendering,” said Canon Bill Prentice.

“There’s some general restoration of the 150-year-old building.”

Prentice said they’re aiming to be in the building by late spring or early summer.

Nuthall and other residents are hoping the church will reconsider and “keep Centre 454 where it is,” noting the twenty-somethings and retirees who have moved into the flourishing neighbourhood could volunteer at the church, which has a new congregation after a recent split from the Diocese.

“We have about 100 people now,” said Rev. Mark Whittall, estimating half live within walking distance.



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