Tory win means so long LHINS: MacLeod

If the Tories are elected, Ontario’s Local Health Integrated Networks will be scrapped and hospitals will go back to fending for themselves led by their CEOs, says Nepean-Carleton incumbent Lisa MacLeod.

“We did it before and we’ll continue to do it again,” she said.

MacLeod said the province needs less administration and more health care, and getting rid of LHINs will save $300 million.

“LHINs aren’t plugging in MRIs, they’re not treating cancer patients, they’re not delivering babies,” she said.

If the PCs get their way, the province’s 630 agencies, boards, and commissions will be reviewed.

“So if it works, we keep it, if it’s broken, we fix it, if it serves no justifiable existence to the taxpayer, we’re going to scrap it,” said MacLeod.

But MacLeod didn’t directly address government waste when it comes to education — specifically school divisions — and the surplus of highly-paid administrators.

“We’re going to definitely work with our school boards. We have four here in the city. Some are really effective at managing the bottom line, others have some challenges — we’re going to have to work with them,” said MacLeod, adding the issue hasn’t clearly been identified in Changebook.

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