Speedsters a deadly problem on King Edward Ave.

From cars and trucks to Gatineau bus drivers, pretty much everyone guns it along King Edward Ave. according to Lowertown residents who released the results of an independent study Tuesday.

Roughly 85% of vehicles pushed 70 km/h in both directions — almost double what’s allowed.

The limit on King Edward Ave. is 40 km/h, while the on and off ramps to the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge are 30 km/h.

In the last five years, four people have died and 67 were injured due to traffic in that area.

“The speed is a catalyst for all the other safety issues,” said Nathan Davis from the King Edward Avenue task force.

After spending $200 on a radar gun and gauging traffic for four weeks last December, they’ve pinpointed the worst spot for speeding: Northbound at Cathcart St.

Commuters are just used to going fast, Davis said.

“It looks like a highway, it acts like a highway.”

The group is — once again — pushing the City of Ottawa to take action.

“They’ve done nothing,” said Davis. “We want some explanations.”

The STO, meanwhile, responded quickly to a letter written by Davis asking someone to address why bus drivers were going at least 20 km/h faster than they should.

“The buses all slowed down right away,” said Davis.

But now, he said, about 50% of the buses are whizzing by again.

“They’re not late for work — they’re at work. They should be following the speed limit 100% of the time.”


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