3 Content Creation Tips When You’re in Quarantine

There’s so much to do when you’re cooped up at home: dancing, dating escapades (being entertained by the drone guy who got a woman’s number after he saw her dancing on the roof in New York), and more.

Here are a few fun finds on social media to pass the quarantine days away … hopefully it’ll inspire you to come up with your own unique ideas to create fantastic original content.

  1. Dance

Moving meditations will help you get loose and your mind will thank you for it! Get up and do something silly, blast your favourite ’80s tunes, or just grab your fellow housemates on lockdown and coordinate something real quick.

Even Lebron James is doing it!

2. Check out this dating diary

Everyone’s staying safe at home — so what happens when you’re single and ready to make a move? Well, one photographer in New York is documenting his IRL creative efforts in the most unexpected way: via TikTok.

I’m marveling at his creativity and ingenuity in this time of chaos and uncertainty. Bravo!

3. Exercise

Our minds and bodies are connected, and when you move, your mind grooves! I always come up with the best ideas when working out. Why? There are no pens, paper, laptops or devices. It’s just me and the sweat trickling down the brow …

Bonus: Listen to a fun podcast

Get your mind off of all things news, work, or family!

Actor Zach Braff announced he’s doing a Scrubs podcast with co-star Donald Faison on March 31, 2020.

The title: Fake Doctors, Real Friends With Zach + Donald.

It’s as niche as you can get; reliving each episode of the sitcom, which absolutely makes the cut on this list of best TV medical shows.

What’s helping you get through bouts when you’re feeling uninspired?

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