Here’s What Businesses and Non-Profits are Posting on Social Media During a Pandemic

Pivoting and making on the fly adjustments to operations are the norm in the corporate world, and in the midst of COVID-19 that also includes changes to the editorial calendar and overall social media strategy for business.

Here’s a quick curated guide of directions to take if you’re not quite sure how to proceed with your social marketing, or if you’re still in the game but want some inspiration on what to include next.

  1. What to do right now: How to navigate through a global crisis on social media

Site: Sprout Social

Best tips: Consider the relevance of your content; figure out what your audience wants or needs from you; avoid opportunistic promotion; show empathy.

Solid Example: Dillon’s Small Batch Distiller in Beamsville, Ontario, was one of the first Canadian companies to shift gears in the fight against COVID-19.

About two weeks later, they announce a partnership with Volkswagen Canada to deliver their product to frontline workers.

2. How Your Museum Can Use Social Media During COVID-19

Site: American Alliance of Museums

Best tips: Come up with tips and resources for people to learn at home; form strategic digital partnerships; go live; do virtual tours; host a tweet chat.

Solid Example:

The Museum of Nature in Ottawa realized it was wise to cover up the question asking about dirty hands, which was perfectly fine pre-COVID-19.

Here’s an example of learning from home that’s easily accessible for working parents and stay at home caregivers alike.

3. Twitter Provides Examples of Positive Brand Communications Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Site: Social Media Today

Best tips: Post what’s helpful to people; think about how to help your local community; consider impacts on mental health.

Solid Example: American fast food chain Chipotle suggests a virtual lunch.

What’s the best corporate or not-for-profit social content you’ve seen so far?

(Feature photo by Kelly Roche)

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