Cheer and happiness at the lighthouse

There were tassels and pom poms, but no cheerleaders.

A kaleidoscope of yarn bombed the Port Credit lighthouse bridge Wednesday evening.

“We thought it’ll be a colourful way to celebrate Busker Fest in Port Credit and all the things that we love,” said Cheryl Price.

She’s part of a knitting group at the nearby public library.

“They give us cheer and happiness when we see colours,” Price added.

Yarn bombing is a form of graffiti – often traced to a Houston, Texas woman or the Netherlands – celebrating the history of fibre as decoration. Anything from military tankers to bike racks to trash cans are game.

Price said volunteers have been recruited for the installation; inspired by an experiment of sorts last year.

“A group of us met and we actually yarn bombed the bench at the library,” said Susan, who didn’t give her last name. “Mysteriously, our yarn bombing project disappeared.”

They started thinking ahead to 2015, partnering with the Port Credit Business Association and others in the community to create items for display.

Passersby stopped to snap photos or mount a knitted object.

Interlaced or standing alone, each piece has a story.

“There’s a sweater that hasn’t been finished, right? So maybe somebody passed away or they haven’t gotten on to finish their project,” said Price.

Other knitted items include dish cloths and a baby’s blanket.

“Another great friend of mine did this kite over here,” Price said, motioning.

From burlap to cotton-spandex to wool, “it’s just using yarn and fibre in creative ways.”

Busker Fest runs from August 21 to 23. Visit the Port Credit Yarn Bombers for more information.

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