10 Signs You’re Still A Journalist

1. You interview everyone … even when they’re technically interviewing you. For a job. And you think it’s normal to go into said interview with four pages of questions.

2. A high-profile politician and her advisors sit next to you at a coffee shop, and you’re THIS CLOSE to pulling out your digital voice recorder and rolling.

3. When it’s election night, anywhere in the world, you get a tingling sensation and crave pizza.

4. You curse excessively when chatting with first responders, then feel the need to disclose your press credentials.

5. You make mental edits when reading the newspaper, while grumbling about the buried lede.

6. Slowing down, and realizing you don’t have to pull over to cover that fatal crash/protest/crime scene … but you kind of want to.

7. Meeting a journalism student fills you with joy and pain.

8. Your friends/family watch the evening news. You’re evaluating the lineup, reporters’ stand-ups, and quality of the anchors’ intros.

9. You proudly tell people you only use Facebook to look up murder victims and pedophiles alleged pedophiles.

10. You’d rather be a barista than go into PR.

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