Rider ticked by ticket at Eagleson Park and Ride

Picture 9She’s had it with circling the Eagleson Park & Ride and never finding a spot.

A Kanata woman wants to know why residents should use public transit if parking isn’t available at suburban lots.

“I just think it’s messed up. I don’t think it’s right,” said Diana Arthurs.

“I can’t afford to be ticketed $55 every day.”

Arthurs said she found a $55 ticket on her windshield Thursday for parking on the grass.

“I had nowhere else to park,” said Arthurs.

Each month, “I pay $124 for a Presto pass, and I have to park at the Park & Ride. If there’s no parking for me, where am I supposed to park?,” she said.

That’s a question the city has been grappling with, despite having more than 7,000 spots across Ottawa.

Freedom of Information requests filed by the Sun over the last two years determined the city is raking in the cash from these lots.

From 2008 to Feb. 28, 2012, the city collected $379,408.90 in gross revenue from urban Park & Ride lots.

Then the city collected $141,249.50 in total revenue from 2,817 tickets issued from 2012 to April 15, 2013.

Eagleson East, which fits 1,216 cars, ranks high on the list.

Fridays are typically better, said Arthurs, since many residents don’t work due to condensed schedules.

By 7:45 a.m. Monday through Thursday, parking is a nightmare, said Arthurs.

The city’s media relations department did not respond to the Sun’s request by deadline Friday.



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