Bus camera used to charge Orléans driver

police-school bus-20140903_075340Ottawa’s first driver caught on video — from a camera mounted on a school bus — whizzing past a stopped bus with its lights flashing was charged Friday.

Ottawa police have recently viewed high-definition footage of two instances “that we think are blatantly — it’s slam dunk,” said Sgt. Mark Gatien from the traffic escort unit.

The stop arm is out, he said, “for maybe three or four seconds, and then all of a sudden you see a car coming in the opposite direction go blowing right past them.”

The second driver is expected to be charged soon; cops simply need the vehicle and licence plate, said Gatien.

The school bus section of the Highway Traffic Act, said Gatien “allows you to charge the registered owner of the vehicle after the offence has taken place.”

The incident linked to the initial charge happened Sept. 15 at Charlemagne Blvd. and Valade Cres. in Orleans.

It’s a problematic intersection — parents from a nearby condominium have even lobbed snowballs at drivers for putting their kids at risk by refusing to brake for the yellow bus.

The penalty for passing a school bus with flashing lights is minimum $400 and six demerit points under the HTA.

Cops are issuing a $490 ticket and no points, since this driver wasn’t caught in the act, said Gatien.

The camera is part of a pilot project and will be used until about March, said Gatien,



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