Man shot leaving Ottawa strip club


A man in his mid-30s remains in hospital after he was shot in a taxi while leaving an east end strip club early Sunday.

He was hit “square in the back,” said Sgt. Seth Curtis from the guns and gangs unit, commenting on the 24th shooting this year.

Another man and the driver — who weren’t harmed — were in the vehicle around 2:30 a.m. when the incident unfolded near St. Laurent Blvd. and Belfast Rd.

The cabbie wound up driving the victim to the emergency room.

His buddy bolted before cops arrived, Curtis confirmed, and the victim is known to police.

“We’re not quite sure what happened,” Curtis said.

“He didn’t have a whole lot to say to us … He was intoxicated.”

The man was then medicated — cops will likely be returning to interview him.

The NuDen strip club closes at 2 a.m. and police have no indication the suspect was inside before the shooting.

The Sun counted at least three cameras; surveillance footage from NuDen will be turned over to police.

“We haven’t had any problems there at all recently,” said Curtis.

Video from the taxi will also be reviewed by investigators.

“We have possession of the cab right now,” said Curtis.

Four men have been shot in the legs in recent weeks; many victims and witnesses are refusing to cooperate with police.

There’s no evidence linking those incidents to Sunday’s shooting, Curtis said.

Two men were shot at the NuDen in July 2009.

One happened to be the 24-year-old son of then owner, Christopher Pettit.

A disgruntled, booted patron returned and shot the man twice in the leg.

The other victim was a 51-year-old customer.

Alleged Crips gang member Gutu Osman Daoud, 20, was arrested at the Ottawa airport three months later for attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Daoud was lawyer-less due to a province-wide boycott of legal-aid cases involving clients accused of murder and guns and gangs cases.

After 10 months in jail, a judge granted a discharge and Daoud didn’t stand trial.

He was given a sentence recorded as six months after admitting to possessing ammunition and breach of probation.

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