Beach bums bombard Britannia


Michel Chartrand may live in Orleans now, but his loyalty is with the west side.

So much so, he shuns Petrie Island, driving all the way to Britannia Beach to spend a gorgeous 27C Sunday.

“When I was a kid my parents took me here, so I kind of fell in love with it,” said Chartrand.

“It’s nice and quiet.”

Ideal for reading, said Chartrand, as he unloaded items, including newspapers and magazines, from his vehicle before making his way to the sand.

Reading isn’t exactly what the Bowden family from Barrhaven was up to.

“We’re meeting up with some friends,” said Chelaine Bowden, as she and husband Joel were assembling a tent.

On their agenda?

“Some beach sports – we’re just going to play football, catch, water stuff,” said Joel Bowden.

“Try and set this up eventually,” he said, motioning toward the tent.

Their son, Hunter, 3, was playing with little yellow trucks in and out of the water; enjoying the weather over the long weekend.

“It’s been kind of up and down, but every single weekend or anything that I’ve wanted to do over the summer has been great, actually,” she said.

Mikael Swirp was getting fresh air with his family.

“It’s a common weekend excursion to go to the beaches,” said Swirp.

He showed up early enough to stake out a good spot.

“I usually look for shade,” he said.

Shade wasn’t where Jana Servage of Nepean was stretched out on a mat with her mom, Cathy Reed, of Belleville.

“Every couple of months, I try to get up for a weekend,” said Reed.

“I think it’s neat that Ottawa has a beach,” she said.

Servage was happily entertaining Reed and friend Michele Greebon from San Antonio, Texas.

The beach was the first place Greebon toured.

“This is not hot at all,” compared to Texas.

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