City collected almost $20M from parking tix in 2013

Nearly $20 million was collected by the city in total revenue from parking tickets issued in 2013.

Delinquents, take note: 61,423 of the 369,373 tickets distributed last year are outstanding.

Tickets are issued against a licence plate, not a driver, said bylaw chief Linda Anderson.

Payment should be made within 15 days from the date of issue to avoid additional fees or an unwanted conviction.

Failing to do so, upon conviction, means you can’t renew your plates or acquire a new one until all fees have been settled.

“Depending where the ticket is in its life cycle, different amounts can and will apply. Tickets are not written-off,” wrote the city’s manager of courthouse and provincial offences services Guy Bergeron in an email.

Bergeron added non-payment of fines issued to out of province vehicles are handed over to a collection agency.

Total revenue from parking tickets last year equalled $19.9M.

The city received the most parking complaints about Bank St., Laurier Ave., Somerset St., Guiges Ave., and Rideau St., in that order, in 2013.

Trends have been noted over the years, said Anderson.

“What’s happening in the city currently, with all the construction … is that an area can change,” she said, in a matter of days.

“And if that occurs, then of course, as you can imagine, we see a different pattern, so those kinds of things make a difference.”

Construction isn’t the only thing changing.

Making sure vehicles aren’t parking along designated bike lanes — particularly Laurier Ave.– is a somewhat new direction bylaw is taking.

“It’s only been enforced for a couple of years, so that’s probably going to become somewhat of a trend, in terms of offences,” said Anderson.

Complaints and infractions may rise along the stretch since the Laurier bike lane is currently being extended into Sandy Hill.

A segregated bike lane will be installed on the south side between Elgin St. and Queen Elizabeth Dr., while the north side is being widened between Waller St. and Cumberland St. to accommodate a painted bike lane.

Work is taking place during the day with lane closures during off-peak periods and is slated for completion in mid-August.

Depending on season, types of complaints may vary, said Anderson, but overall, “the volume pretty much stays the same.”


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