Ottawa commuters take to Twitter to air their OC Transpo grievances

If you ride the bus, follow the socially acceptable rules, or risk being outed online.

An OC Transpo Rule Book account is amusing transit riders who often use Twitter to air their grievances and document social faux pas.

Take this gem: “I don’t even know what to say … why the hell is there a bag in ur pants?,” complete with a photo of the young man with said bag in his pants.

Another: “The bus smells like a mixture of old people, homeless people, a smelly hockey bag, over perfumed white dudes and Starbucks. #myfav”

The person behind the anonymous account said he’s a 21-year-old Algonquin College student aiming to “entertain the public with tweets they can relate to. We want something that can put a smile on your face while you’re on the bus,” he said.

Riding in from Orléans, he usually sees something funny, or people behaving like brutes.

While complaining about body odour, flip flops, and personal space on buses is old news, many are now posting a photo or video to accompany their beef.

For instance, “Did you at least pay an extra fare for all of your luggage to occupy a seat during rush hour?,” wrote @EllEmmMay last Monday, along with a photo of the offender from the neck down.

What does this say about our culture?

“We are moving from text to image, very clearly,” said University of Ottawa sociology professor Diane Pacom.

“Everybody’s doing little videos.”

The sense of entitlement remains, she said, as does the narcissism.

“I’m here, I’m alive, I’m seeing things, which, for me, are important. Therefore, the whole world should share with me,” said Pacom.

Transpo’s humorous Busology campaign kicked off last month, addressing many blunders riders make, asking users to mind their manners.

Some are forthright to begin with.

“I apologize to everyone on #octranspo today for being a mouth-breather on the bus. Not much I can do. #allergies,” @rachaelazulay said on Tuesday.

Still, it appears riders are ticking each other off merely by existing.

“Dear #ocTranspo passengers, it’s getting warm out don’t be afraid to carry a stick of deodorant and apply multiple times a day @OCRuleBook,” tweeted @AaronPrevost91.

“People who hang out next to the #OCTranspo driver and chit chat are endangering my life. @OCRuleBook #distracteddriving,” tweeted @sarahmeaghang.

Twitter: @kellyroche6

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