Shopaholics rejoice, others shun Boxing Day

Mathilde Baro is totally pumped for her first Boxing Day.

“I just heard of it, like, two weeks ago,” said the University of Ottawa student, on exchange from France.

“I didn’t know it existed.”

She plans on hitting up the Rideau Centre for “Christmas presents, late,” Baro laughs, and “maybe some clothes and that stuff.”

On the other hand, Camila Gomez won’t be going near the malls Thursday, as she’s not much of a Boxing Day shopper.

“I was in Toronto, but here, I have something to do so I won’t be able to go out,” Gomez said while enjoying a Beavertail in the Byward Market with her family.

She’ll still be keeping an eye peeled for “mostly electronics, I guess. You always look for whatever is cheaper,” said Gomez.

“Clothes; it’s always the same. Clothes are always on sale. It’s not a big deal.”

Murray and Carole Peacock were planning to keep things low key the day after Christmas.

“We want to relax after a big, long year of work,” said Carole.

Murray had another reason.

“The deals are no better than other days,” he said.

Plus “to have to wait in lineups? No,” he added.

For the hardcore folks who go looking, for example, at a deal on a supersized TV, “then next year, they want a bigger TV, or the TV that they spent four hours (waiting for) is now obsolete.”

Twitter: @kellyroche6

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