‘Bizarre’ sidewalk installed at Orléans school


A temporary sidewalk has been created at an Orléans elementary school, as per the promise of Ashcroft Homes.

“It was not on time,” said resident Bruce Perley.

Nonetheless, “it’s better than I thought it was going to be.”

French Catholic school Notre-Dame-des-Champs opened at the end of August at 6280 Renaud Rd., near Navan Rd. in Orléans.

After ducking traffic on the first day, parents, dismayed on opening day when there was no sidewalk in place, contacted the Sun, who in turn asked Ashcroft Homes for a firm timeline.

The sidewalk was ready in early October.

Residents were told at public meetings infrastructure would be in place by Aug. 27, but the city, developers, and contractors were passing the buck.

“I enjoy many aspects of living in this community, and I hope to stay here for many years to come,” said Julie Godward.

However, “had I known there would be so little planning with regards to the safety and well-being of the residents of this community, perhaps I would have looked to live elsewhere.”

Another parent acknowledged the installation, describing it as a “a bizarre-looking sidewalk, using moveable ‘parking curbs’ to delimit a painted paved shoulder.”

Godward concurs.

It’s “rather insulting that all parties involved decided that this ‘temporary’ measure would be sufficient to assure the safety of our children. It remains to be seen how ‘temporary’ it will be,” Godward said.

Although it is safer than having no sidewalk, several residents are expressing concern over how the temporary measure will survive winter.


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