Bargain-hunters head to Centretown in search of some hidden gems

It was a day late but a dollar well spent as Ceilidh Henderson got around to picking up that salt shaker.

“I had a dinner party (Friday night) and I put the box of salt on the table,” said Henderson.

She happened to find the Super Centretown Community Garage Sale en route to the farmers’ market, and stopped when she saw tables set up on Gilmour St. Saturday morning.

A lady suggested she check out MacLaren St., “so I just biked back around and now I’m fully loving my new hat,” she said, stroking her furry $2 find.

Not bad for her first garage sale.

Come winter, “I’m going to rock that hat, yeah,” she said.

Pedestrians were prowling to get a pennyworth as sellers peddled their goods.

Nicole Gregoire was smooth, offering a seat to a lady passing by who looked tired, and helping an elderly woman, who ended up buying a pair of boots for $5, put her own shoes back on.

That sale alone paid for 50% of the cost to rent a table.

With a pending move, she figured the sale was an opportune time to purge a case full of VHS cassettes.

“If I have to watch My Cousin Vinny for the 100th time…,” she said, laughing.

A lady in a Metro uniform stops to ask if she has ties for men.

“If you would’ve caught me in the ’80s, I had leather neckties,” Gregoire tells her.

Asked about her way with potential shoppers, she reveals a stint as a flea market vendor in San Francisco.

Around the corner on Kent St., Christiane Bertrand wore a green garland around her neck as she sold abstract finger paintings.

One piece caught Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi’s attention.

“I just really liked the colours,” said Naqvi.

“So I’m going to hang it in my office. I like work from local artists.”

Half of the money Bertrand collected will be donated to the Royal Canadian Legion, said Bertrand.

“I’m a Legionnaire, and why not help our vets,” she said.

While it’s meagre in comparison, the inaugural sale could eventually rival its southern counterpart; the Great Glebe Garage Sale began in 1986, attracting thousands each spring.

Sellers were asked to give 10% of their profit to the Centretown Community Health Centre.

Twitter: @ottawasunkroche

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