Police continue probe into city councillor’s traffic stop

Cops are still trying to figure out who leaked information about a traffic stop involving a city councillor three months ago to Ottawa media.

“It’s not complete from our process right at this time,” said Ottawa Police Insp. Joan McKenna of the professional standards unit.

Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Peter Clark, 75, was stopped after leaving The Playmate, a Montreal Rd. strip club, in May. Clark allegedly intimidated the patrol officer by citing his influence as a politician and dropping Police Chief Charles Bordeleau’s name.

Clark blew a “warn” on a roadside sobriety test — registering between .05 and .08 mg of alcohol in his blood — and his licence was suspended for three days.

Clark contested allegations that he dropped names and slowed down near two prostitutes — info cited in the police report which was leaked to journalists.

No criminal charges were laid against Clark.

The officer(s) who released the file, though, will likely be charged with insubordination under the Police Services Act. That is, if investigators can actually prove who did it.

Asked about the length of time the probe is taking, “we’re in the, sort of, the average of internal investigations,” said Ottawa Police Association president Matt Skof.

Considering the disclosure of the traffic stop caused a major stir, “I’d say that we’re at that stage right now where they’re probably having to decide whether they’ve got a case or not,” he said.

Details of the internal disciplinary process won’t be released, according to McKenna.




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