The Men’s Project wants in on Movember

A leading men’s organization is hoping to use the power of the ’stache to reach bros across Canada for a three-year campaign addressing male sexual trauma and recovery.

The Men’s Project is submitting a proposal to the Movember Foundation this week.

“They’re expanding to mental health services and we can’t think of a bigger men’s mental health issue than the ‘one in six’ men who were sexually abused as children,” said co-founder and executive director of The Men’s Project Rick Goodwin.

If Movember — a popular prostate and testicular cancer fundraiser — accepts the pitch, mental health workers will be trained to offer services, and a national campaign will educate young men at post-secondary campuses.

This initiative will “try to reduce that 40-year span of time” between suffering childhood sexual abuse and seeking help, said Goodwin.

Another aspect of the project includes creating a lending library service.

Choosing from a limited number of titles in English and French, men would be able to request books — one at a time — and receive discreetly marked packages in the mail for free.

If the book is returned, another will be sent.

This would provide an avenue for outreach to male survivors in prison, remote locations, or simply for men too ashamed to purchase such a book in public.

“We’re very hopeful that this will allow a national conversation to take place,” Goodwin said.

The Movember projects are expected to be announced in October.



-1 out of 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime and the remaining 4 will have a family member of colleague who will.

-Mental health issues affect over 3.4 million Canadian men and boys each year.

-4 out of 5 suicides among young people in Canada are committed by men

-1 in 4 cancer patients experience clinical depression.

-The risk of suicide in men with prostate cancer is over 4 times that of a similarly aged man without prostate cancer.

-Mental health issues are one of the largest threats to men’s health.


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