Hudak predicts change in Premier Dad’s riding


PC leader Tim Hudak is “sensing a growing momentum” among voters in Ottawa South as he made his fourth trip to the capital to bolster candidate Matt Young — who’s leading the polls — heading into Thursday’s byelection.

“He’s going to be the kind of guy to bring the voice of Ottawa to Queen’s Park instead of the other way around, and that’ll be a refreshing change,” said Hudak during a media scrum held outside a voter’s house on Cambrone Cres.

Hudak went door to door with Young a day after Premier Kathleen Wynne and Liberal candidate John Fraser were at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market in Brewer Park.

NDP candidate Bronwyn Funiciello and Taylor Howarth from the Green party are also running, along with five independent candidates.

“I’m hearing from more and more people that say, you know what, they’re tired of the scandals, the gas plants, $600 million out the door, and they want to send a message for change,” said Hudak.

Winning this riding is the first step “toward change in the rest of the province,” Young said.

A recent survey by Forum Research pitted Young with a 14-point lead over Fraser.

Hudak was asked if he’s worried about getting booted as PC leader if the Conservatives do poorly in this byelection.

“No. I’m going to keep fightin’, but I think we can do a much better job holding the government’s feet to the fire…” said Hudak.

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