Vigil held for murder victim Donna Jones

Surrounded by flowers — mostly purple, one of Donna Jones’ favourite colours — speakers took to the microphone sharing memories of the beloved federal public servant in Minto Park on Tuesday.

Memories and photos are all that’s left for brother Derek Jones “and that’ll have to do,” he told the crowd of more than 100.

Friends and colleagues also relayed tales of a funny, caring woman.

Andrew Barker recalled a beautiful, “absolutely selfless” and devoted woman who had a knack for making people laugh.

With a collection of toy trolls set up at her cubicle, one specifically mooning Barker, “she’d remind me, from time to time, he was sh—ing on me,” Barker said, to laughter.

He described Jones as infinitely patient, “she cared about others, even when she was struggling.”

Tracie Mathias remembered Jones’ “funny habit” of twirling her hair while listening to someone talk, and going outside to decorate a tree for Jones’ Dec. 25 birthday.

Other friends shared stories of Jones’ love for travelling, whitewater rafting and dancing.

Ottawa Police Sgt. Mike Hudson was the lead investigator in the Jones file.

“As a homicide investigator, I never get to meet my victims in life,” said Hudson. After hearing about Jones from people who loved her, “I liked her. I liked her a lot,” he said.

Live music was played and donations were collected for shelters in the region.

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