Whiz kid from Barrhaven makes cut for Google Science Fair

A Barrhaven brainiac is one of 90 finalists from across the globe competing in the 2013 Google Science Fair.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” said Amit Scheer, 14.

The Colonel By Secondary School student is also just one of four Canadians participating in the world’s largest online science fair.

This is the third edition of the annual event; “it’s your turn to change the world” is the theme, and that’s exactly what Scheer is aiming to do.

His project is titled Overproduction of Reactive Oxygen Species in Mitochondria: A Principal Cause of Cancer.

The project analyzes how the level of oxygen in our cells influences production of a dangerous molecule that can lead to cancer.

Scheer’s work began last September as he researched topics, finally narrowing it down in January.

He credits Carleton University biochemistry professor Bill Willmore for helping with his research.

“He let me into his lab,” said Scheer.

“He was just helping explain what I could do with his equipment,” he said, humbly adding, “I’m just in Grade 9.”

Science has always been his favourite subject, so naturally, “I’ve always wanted to study medicine,” said Scheer.

Now he’s fancying the idea of becoming a researcher.

“It’s really incredible to do that,” he said.

The entire project is submitted in chunks online, and it “builds a website for you,” said Scheer.

Thousands of entries were received from more than 120 countries.

The field will be narrowed to 15 finalists on June 27.

See Scheer’s project: Overproduction of Reactive Oxygen Species in Mitochondria: A Principal Cause of Cancer


Twitter: @ottawasunkroche


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