Freebies up for grabs at Vanier market

Cheapskates and antiquing power couples, roll up your sleeves for the Really Really Free Market on Saturday.

“Everything really is free,” said Lisa Higgs from Used Ottawa.

“You don’t have to give to get.”

The sixth edition of the biannual event is taking place in Vanier starting at 8:30 a.m.

Anyone can drop off reusable items or just take anything.

You don’t have to contribute to the market to take an item.

“They get a lot of children at this market, and their eyes just light up when you tell them, you know, ‘you can have anything here for free,'” said Higgs.

In Ottawa, “freecycling” on the group scale began in 2004 when Eric Snyder started Full Circles.

Now, “they have over 10,000 members,” said Higgs.

The group lists items wanted or up for grabs; money doesn’t change hands.

Recent items posted include a drafting table for artists, crutches, bird bath, bicycles, and soccer gear for children.

Household items, clothing, toys, gardening tools, and barbecues are common.

Saving money and the environment, the concept of freecycling is growing.

“I’ve been told they’ve been getting over 1,000 people at most markets,” Higgs said.

“They expect about 1,500 or 2,000 this time.”

The event is being held at Village International Mennonite Church/ St. Margaret’s Anglican

Church at 206 Montreal Rd. in Vanier.

For details, visit
Twitter: @ottawasunkroche

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