Hudak: ‘Deeply disappointed’ NDP backs budget

New Democratic Party leader Andrea Horwath is making a “big mistake” by propping up a Liberal government, Conservative leader Tim Hudak told reporters in Ottawa Tuesday.

“I’m deeply disappointed,” by the NDP supporting the Liberal party’s minority budget, said Hudak, adding Horwath is supporting a party that “crossed the line into corruption.”

“This day-to-day soap opera, that’s not going to bring a single job here to the province of Ontario,” Hudak said.

Voters, he continued, have two choices.

“We can stay on the path, where we are, with the Liberals and NDP. They’ll dig the hole deeper, or we can be bold and confident and (have) a brighter future for Ontario if we change paths today.”

Job creation is the number one issue in Ontario, Hudak said during a press conference at Annidis Health Systems on Queensview Dr.

“I really like what Annidis stands for,” said Hudak.

“I mean, they’re blending in world-leading technology and also bringing in health-care savings and giving you a better health care treatment, so their technology helps early identification of eye disease so you can be treated before you lose your eyesight down the road…”

Annidis president Nick Ribaric started the business back in his Kanata basement in 1997.

“That’s where we built the first unit,” he said.

Creating revolutionary imaging systems for the back of the eye, his company employs roughly 40 people — 35 in Ottawa and five in the U.S.

“Companies like us, we need grants, for sure; a lot of support to develop the technology,” said Ribaric.

Federal funding has come through, “but I think (the) province has not done their part to support us,” he said.

“We’ve been suffering for years, as you know, the economic downturns and financing difficulties,” Ribaric continued.

Support from the province and feds “could do much more to help entrepreneurs and companies like us to really take the technology to the global level.”


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