Searchers find 5 missing in Gatineau Park

Five snowshoers were rescued from Gatineau Park near Meech Lake Rd. in Chelsea on Sunday night — the second rescue mission in three days in the same area.

They phoned for help at 4:45 p.m., said MRC-des-Collines Sgt. Daniel Pariseau.

In -12C, police reported them found by 9:10 p.m.

The three women and two men, in their 30s, are from Gatineau, Ottawa and Montreal.

Everyone is doing well, said police, and after being assessed by paramedics they weren’t taken to hospital.

Police, SAR Global 1, the Chelsea fire department, and the National Capital Commission were on the scene.

Four people were rescued Friday morning after venturing onto closed trails and spending the night in the cold.

Two were hospitalized for hypothermia.

Despite DANGER tape and warning signs, the Sun spotted more snowshoers heading out Friday.

The NCC released a statement Saturday asking outdoor enthusiasts to remain on recommended trails.

On Friday, NCC spokesman Jean Wolff said no punitive action is being considered in response to the snowshoers heading out on closed or non-recommended routes.

Instead, the message of the NCC is “don’t go there.”

“It is their risk,” he said. “Their safety risk. The best experience to have in the park is a safe experience. We ask that they respect the people who have to mount rescue operations as well.”

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