Snow added to an already busy day at Ottawa airport

Pack your patience if you’re traveling before Christmas, advises the Ottawa airport spokeswoman.

With 15 cm of snow by Friday morning, “we’ve had some cancellations, but things have been going pretty well, considering,” said Krista Kealey.

Almost two dozen flights to and from Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Newark were cancelled, while destinations such as Newark, Halifax, Chicago, Puerto Vallarta, and Ft. Lauderdale saw delays.

At the same time, “people are getting out. There’s not a whole bunch of people sitting, waiting, so it’s pretty good from that point of view,” Kealey said.

Friday was the busiest travel day of the year, with an estimated 8,000 departures and 8,000 arrivals.

“Eerily quiet at #YOW … Where is the mass chaos I was prepared for?” tweeted one traveler at 10:04 a.m.

Kealey recommends checking with airlines beforehand “to determine up-to-date flight status info,” and allowing extra time to arrive and go through security.

“Knowing what to expect and packing appropriately will reduce the time you spend at the checkpoint and increase the time you spend enjoying your trip,” Canadian Air Transport Security Authority spokesman Mathieu Larocque said in a statement.


-Limit jewellery and wear clothing and shoes without snaps, metal buttons or studs.

-Leave gifts unwrapped in case their contents need to be inspected.

-Make sure your laptop is removed from its case and placed in a bin.

-Cell phones, loose change and watches should be secured in the pockets of a coat or a jacket that will be placed a bin.

-Electronic items such as tablets, cameras or MP3 players can remain in carry-on bags.

-Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers of 100ml or less and placed in a 1L clear plastic bag, these include toiletries and grandma’s jam. Bigger containers should stay home or go in checked bags.

-Have your boarding pass ready

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