Orléans student plunges into frozen water after walking on ice

A 14-year-old boy climbed to safety after falling through the ice in an Orléans pond Tuesday morning.

“He was completely submerged at some point,” said paramedic spokesman J.P. Trottier. “It was a close call for him.”

The teen was with two friends at a retention pond, next to a high school near Innes and Trim Rd. at 10:40 a.m.

The boy was walking across the ice several times and finally fell through.

A friend ran to get help.

Paramedics arrived to find two teachers looking after the teen.

He was conscious and had been completely submerged, but managed to swim out of the pond by himself.

“His clothes were wet, which promotes hypothermia,” said Trottier.

Paramedics took the teen into an ambulance and immediately began warming him up with blankets and heaters.

The boy was transported to hospital in stable condition.

Paramedics are asking parents to speak to their children about the danger of being near creeks, rivers, canals, ponds or swimming pools.

“This time of year is when you start seeing these calls,” said Trottier.

In these cases, paramedics often deal with two issues: hypothermia and potential threat of drowning.

During the switch to winter, it should never be considered safe to go onto or near any body of water.


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