Local boys rock with Springsteen

The Bradley boys were just waiting for the Boss to look down.

From their front row seats, Peter and Stuart Bradley held up a sign reading, “Our sister picked Bieber. We picked the Boss,” said Stuart, 7.

Bruce Springsteen helped the west end brothers on stage.

Springsteen passed the microphone to Peter, counted them in, and on cue, the boys began singing Waiting on a Sunny Day.

“It’s pretty clear that they nailed it,” said their father, Scott Bradley.

“They weren’t nervous. They made the most of the moment.”

A Springsteen fan for more than 30 years, Friday night’s concert at Scotiabank Place was his 29th time seeing the Boss perform.

For the boys, though, it was their second round of Springsteen; they attended a show in Boston over the summer.

Facing thousands of fans didn’t faze them.

The boys fist-pumped and jumped around for more than two minutes with the Boss.

“I’m feeling great,” said Peter, 8, on Saturday.

They even went home with the Boss’ harmonica.

On the way out of the arena, “it was a wave of high fives,” said their father.

To ensure the boys were well prepared, he’s been playing a ‘name the song’ game with them in the car, rewarding them with quarters.

“The boys are living my dream,” he said.

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