McGuinty Ottawa South dynasty ending?

Ontario’s 24th Premier resigned Monday, shocking many and leaving others pondering the future of Dalton McGuinty Jr.

Does this mark the end of the political dynasty in the McGuinty family?

A teacher, professor and school board trustee, Dalton McGuinty Sr. served as the Ottawa South MPP for one term, while Dalton Jr. practised law after graduating from the University of Ottawa.

Following his father’s death in 1990 – a heart attack while shovelling snow – McGuinty Jr. stepped in, using his father’s election signs and taking the riding by storm while the rest of the Liberals got smoked.

McGuinty spent his early years as critic for energy, colleges and universities, native affairs and the environment.

In 1996, he was elected leader of Ontario’s Liberal Party.

McGuinty’s first election campaign as leader was in 1999, with the Liberals scoring 40% of the popular vote.

In 2003, McGuinty’s Liberals won 72 seats with 47% of the vote.

One year later, brother David McGuinty was elected to the House of Commons as Member of Parliament for Ottawa South – the same riding – making them the first siblings in Canadian history to hold office provincially and federally at the same time. David McGuinty currently serves as the Liberal energy and natural resources critic, having been re-elected in 2006, 2008, and 2011.

Dalton McGuinty led the Liberals to a second majority in 2007, then formed a minority leadership in 2011.


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