Murder trial begins in man’s 2009 beating death in Lowertown

Toby Land committed murder – not manslaughter, as he’s pleading – the night Dominic Doyon was killed, Crown prosecutor Carl Lem told the jury during his opening statement Tuesday morning.

Land, 28, is one of two men charged with second-degree murder in the May 2009 beating death of Doyon in a Lowertown apartment where all three men lived.

“The only people present during the killing of Mr. Doyon were his killers,” said Lem.

Doyon died from stab wounds to the torso and head injuries; he was attacked on the couch of his own living room, the jury heard.

Doyon had recently gotten involved with a teenage girl, 14 or 15, Lem said, and that didn’t sit well with his roommates.

The Crown alleges Land used a hammer and a sword “one after the other,” while Carl St. Cyr grabbed a set of metal crutches.

Doyon received 87 blows — 15 to the head, and more than 40 to the trunk and limbs.

One stab wound went through Doyon’s torso, puncturing his lung and heart.

He died in less than five minutes.

Land’s state of mind would “make him guilty of murder,” Lem said.

Doyon’s body was discovered two hours later by police.

Land walked into the courtroom wearing a dark suit, his long hair in a ponytail.

He smiled at two women seated near the prisoner box.

The trial began with testimony from a grocery store cashier who said Land entered the St. Laurent Blvd. store around 1 a.m. on May 5, 2009, asking him to call police so he could turn himself in for hurting someone.

Land, carrying a duffel bag, went outside for a smoke and waited for cops to arrive.

The jury heard a 911 recording of the man’s call to police, then saw video footage from the store’s surveillance cameras.

The store manager testified Land emptied the contents of the bag outside, pacing.

A customer said Land approached him outside and asked him to call police, which he did.

A second 911 recording was played.

Once police arrived, the jury heard, Land stood up and put his hands behind his back, telling the officer to arrest him.

The patrol officer said Land gave him the address: 380 Murray St., apartment 512, offering up a key to the unit and alerting him to evidence of the beating in the duffel bag.

More than one witness said Land was crying uncontrollably in the back of the cruiser.

The trial resumes Wednesday and is expected to last five weeks.


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