Sinkhole repair work continues

It’s back to gridlock for east-end commuters on Monday.

Repairs continued on the Hwy. 174 sinkhole over the weekend, with 10 pieces of pipe on site and more set to arrive.

The storm sewer at the eastbound Jeanne d’Arc Blvd. off-ramp collapsed on Sept. 4, swallowing a car and creating a gigantic sinkhole.

The exit remains closed with cars being diverted to Montreal Rd., however there was considerably lighter traffic.

The city reported low to moderate volumes along major east-end roads such as Innes Rd., Jeanne d’Arc Blvd., Orléans Blvd, and St. Joseph.

But Sun reader Nicole G. said Innes Rd. was still “bumper to bumper” around 1 p.m. on Sunday.

When the work week begins, she would like to see police directing traffic at Ridge Rd. at Anderson Rd. to alleviate the backlog.

Drivers searching for an alternate route to Innes often exit on Walkley Rd. to drive down Ridge Rd. and turn on Anderson “but Ridge Rd. gets gridlocked because other cars keep going down Ramsayville Rd. to turn to Russell Rd to turn on Anderson,” she said.

And with motorists gunning it, “the people on Ridge Rd. cannot turn onto Anderson,” she said.

One person who isn’t hitting the gas is sinkhole survivor Juan Pedro Unger.

He escaped from his car with minor injuries and is expressing concern for the state of the city’s infrastructure.

“It’s alarming (what happened),” he said about the sinkhole.

“I hope it makes the city turn its eyes to its infrastructure.”

Unger said Mayor Jim Watson phoned him to discuss what happened. Unger said he expressed his concerns to Watson.

“It shouldn’t have come to this,” he said.

Unger said he still feels anxious when he travels on the road.

“It’s been a harrowing and exhausting ordeal,” he said.

The city continues to urge residents travelling to and from Orléans to find alternate means.

With about 10,000 vehicles on the highway during rush hour, OC Transpo is being billed as the quickest option.

Some people are considering it.

“OK, how much does the bus cost now? I think I’m going to take it tomorrow. #174sinkhole #shootmenow,” wrote Twitter user @jpotty.

The city suggests running errands, dining, or working out downtown before heading east.

Carpooling, cycling, and telecommuting are other options.

Cycling maps, lanes, and pathways are listed at


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