Apple store opens in Bayshore

From seniors with walkers to preteens, everyone wanted a slice of Apple over the weekend.

The Apple store opened at Bayshore, and it didn’t take much to get shoppers in the door.

The iPhone 5 is rumoured to debut on Wednesday.

“There’s always a hype around Apple products ’cause they’re always leaving you in suspense of what they’re going to bring out,” said Zeinoon Alhajj of Barrhaven, who has the iPhone 4.

“Just the way they market their products — it’s like they make a little thing seem really big…We don’t know when it’s coming out and we don’t really know the specs.”

An Apple spokeswoman said no new product announcements have been made.

“Who isn’t waiting for the new iPhone?,” said Mitchell Hubert, 16, of Barrhaven.

He’s thinking of switching back to Apple.

“I had the 4S and I sold it for my (Samsung) Galaxy S3,” said Hubert.

“I was kind of getting bored with my 4S and I was having problems with it.”

Now with an upgraded screen, he may get lured back.

“I’m not sure if it’s the best but it’s certainly the most complete phone,” he said.

Even preschoolers were playing with iPads in the back of the store.

“(Saturday) was so busy,” said a staffer.

Sunday was slower but picked up after lunch.


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