Three more sinkholes open in Gatineau

Heavy rain is being blamed for a trio of sinkholes in Gatineau Saturday.

Motorists got out of their cars, peering into a large sinkhole surrounded by metal barricades and orange detour signs at Jacques-Cartier and Saint Antoine streets, taking photos.

Cops received a call at 10:37 a.m., said Gatineau police Lieut. Yves Comtois.

The cause is being determined.

Later in the day, a second sinkhole opened up 2 km north at Saint Antoine St. and Chemin de la Savane, behind the Promenade de l’Outaouais shopping centre.

A broken water main is likely to blame, said Comtois.

Detours were in place.

“They’re not the main roads, but lots of cars go through,” said Comtois.

“It’s pretty commercial.”

From there, a third hole surfaced in a residential area about 5 km east at Magnus Rd. W. & Francois St.

This hole was considerably smaller, said Lieut. Mike Lachapelle.

Meanwhile, work continued on the sinkhole in Ottawa on Hwy. 174 with five pieces of pipe being delivered on Sunday.

Cumberland Coun. Stephen Blais said he’s closely monitoring the work being done — and the accompanying traffic issues.

“I got some very positive feedback on Thursday, and Friday appeared to be the best commute to date,” he said Saturday.

With buses being diverted to the west-bound lane going east, the shoulder of that roadway was paved, but the torrential rain on Saturday played havoc with that work.

“We do some shoulder paving to help facilitate (the buses), but the rain over (Friday) night destabilized it,” he said. “So we’re down a lane (Saturday) and they’re back working on that. Right now, we need to let the contractors do their work so that we’re good to go on Monday.”

For details on the Hwy. 174 sinkhole repairs, visit

— With files from Susan Sherring

Twitter: @ottawasunkroche

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