Twitter abuzz with sinkhole follies

Twitter is abuzz with comments and observations about the Hwy. 174 sinkhole:

“Sinkhole” surpasses “Long Line at Tim Hortons Drive-thru” and “Hog’s Back Bridge Was Up” as Ottawa’s favourite late-for-work excuse (@ottawastart)

I’d hate my life if I lived in orleans right now #174sinkhole #ottnews (@SpenderByrnzy)

You know there is heavy traffic but you still refuse to adjust your travel time and keep blaming city or transit. #bosos #sinkhole #ottnews (@ItsChoTime11)

Just another reason why the West side is the Best Side #174sinkhole (@Jaycee8411)

#Orleans sinkhole traffic jams are worse than #OCTranspo strike few years ago. East-end traffic was abysmal tonight. #OTTcity #Ottawa (@walterrobinson)

Dear City of #Ottawa commuters, I guess the traffic yesterday & warnings this a.m. were not enough for you to take #OCTranspo huh? #Tough (@MzShazz)

To everyone commuting to/from Orleans… Here’s a TIP: pop in some good tunes, it’s gonna be a long ride ; ) (@Christiane_L)

Unfortunately don’t get to pass #174Sinkhole on the way to work. We are yet to meet! (@SJHornby)

The incident even prompted a user to set up an account on behalf of the sinkhole, under the handle @174Sinkhole. Here are some of its tweets:

#174sinkhole Good morning Orleans!! What’s new? Fill me in!

#174sinkhole it is a bit lonely out here at the moment … and I am hungry again, I want a bus this time!

#174Sinkhole All the #construction is giving me a headache and I’m gonna take a nap, need to be in top shape to greet my people this aft

@JimWatsonOttawa I understand you are having a hard time dealing with me, have you considered more holistic methods? #174sinkhole

You should see how many parking tickets are on the car in the #174sinkhole. #Ottawa is relentless, I mean give the guy a break!

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