Chlorine vapours made kids sick: Officials

Excess chlorine in a pool at Calypso water park sent 13 children to hospital Tuesday, Eastern Ontario Health Unit officials announced Wednesday.

Chlorine vapours were emitted in a specific area of the Calypso Palace wave pool, which caused the reported illness, said director of health protection Nicole Laplante.

“It was following repair to the filtration system,” said Laplante.

“It was just a fluke.”

The children were among hundreds playing in the wave pool around 1:30 p.m. when they complained of a strong odour.

The pool was immediately evacuated, said Ottawa paramedics.

Thirteen children — ranging in age from four to 14 — were transported to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario with reported symptoms of airway irritation, nausea and vomiting.

The kids were later released.

The pool reopened about 90 minutes later.

Officials are calling this an isolated incident — the first of its kind since the park opened in 2010.

“Samples taken at the scene indicated that chlorine levels in the pool were within the required range at the time of the incident,” reads a statement from the health unit.

“Samples taken after the incident continue to indicate safe levels of chlorine, and there have been no further reports of illness.”

Calypso is Canada’s largest water park.


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