Fans slam ref after crushing Olympic soccer loss

Soccer fans were heartbroken after the Canadian women’s devastating 4-3 Olympic loss to the U.S. on Monday.

“It was crushing to lose in the last 15 seconds of extra time, but they played fantastically otherwise, and yeah, we’re very proud that they got this far and we’re playing for a medal, so that’s good,” said Brian Kall of Sandy Hill.

Victory would’ve been a sweet birthday gift for Kall, who turned 27 on Sunday, and has been playing soccer for about 20 years.

Kall was one of 45 people at the Georgetown Pub on Bank St. watching the highly anticipated matchup.

“I thought they won the game. They outplayed the U.S. for sure, thought the reffing was questionable, obviously,” said Craig Calvank from Riverside South.

Norwegian referee Christina Pedersen is under fire for back-to-back bad calls against Canada that cost them a goal, and a missed handball that would have given them a penalty shot.

It was the first women’s soccer game Calvank has ever watched. Same goes for his girlfriend, Chloe Tombler.

“It was a really intense game for me to just see the first time, and there was a lot of intense moments,” said Tombler.

“They played really, really well. It was exciting, it was fun.”

It was an especially disappointing loss, “’cause we always want to beat the U.S.,” said Robyn Lockwood of Old Ottawa South.

“Makes it a little more bitter when it’s (against) the U.S., I think, when we lose.”

The last time Canada beat the U.S. was in 2001.

The women will play Thursday at 8 a.m. for bronze against France.

The team includes former Fury players Rhian Wilkinson, Robyn Gayle, Carmelina Moscato, Diana Matheson, Kelly Parker and Christina Julien.

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