Sens fans ‘thrilled’ about Alfie’s return


Angela Pelly just happened to be wearing an Alfie T-shirt Tuesday when she found out Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson is suiting up for the 2012-2013 season.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Pelly, a Glebe resident.

“He’s a tremendous leader and even though he may be aging and prone to injury, his leadership skills way outweigh any deficiencies in that area. (I’m) really happy.”

Her sentiments were echoed by most Sens faithful.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said Cesar Romero Ruiz from south Ottawa.

“I mean, he’s always been one of those players that’s been, I guess you could say, charismatic, and you know everyone loves him.”

The move, fans are praying, will get the Sens closer to the Cup.

“…He’s a good leader and I think it’ll actually help the Senators more than anything else,” said Romero Ruiz.

“We have a good team, so this year, I think the whole city could probably expect that they could make a good push for the playoffs and contend, maybe.”

Tim Scholz of New Edinburgh said he grew up in Leaf territory and he became an Ottawa fan in the ’90s.

“I was cheering for the Sens when they were getting beat out every year by the Leafs and I stuck by them,” said Scholz.

“And then I got a job up here, so now I’m among my own.”

He was ecstatic to hear No. 11 will be back for season 17 with the Sens.

“That is by far the best news I’ve probably heard in a long time. I’m absolutely thrilled,” he said.

Carol Parisien of Cornwall said she wasn’t expecting Alfie to return.

“I’m a little surprised, happy for the team. I think he makes a great member to the team and I hope they go far this year with him being there,” said Parisien.

Alfredsson’s age – he turns 40 on Dec. 11 – and back injuries have some fans hesitating about his decision.

“It could be a good thing, it could backfire and he could get an injury very soon in the season, so that could take him out for awhile, considering his age,” said Antonio Timoteo Romero Ruiz, 13.

“He’s old but if he doesn’t get an injury, he could perform well and (be) a big advantage for the Senators.”


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