Hospital awaits ruling on tattoo, piercings dress code

Management at the Ottawa Hospital have “eased up” on tattoos and piercings for now, according to the union.

“It seems as though everything has been put on hold,” said Rob Driskell, executive chief steward with CUPE Local 4000.

Hospital dress code

The matter is currently in the hands of an arbitrator following a grievance against the hospital’s revised dress code policy which was implemented in March 2011.

It bans excessive body piercings and staff must conceal large visible tattoos while working.

“Our patient population is elderly and we’re just looking to have that professional look and feel to the organization,” said the hospital’s VP of communications Allison Neill.

Small or unobtrusive tattoos and minimal piercings can be shown if they meet health and safety guidelines.

Management is waiting for a ruling from arbitrator Lorne Slotnick before making a decision on the policy, said Driskell, who has more than two dozen tattoos.

“We’ve had five days of hearings where we presented our case,” said Driskell.

The hospital will deliver their side at three hearings in the fall.

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