Transpo tunes getting a playlist

Meagan Perry had the audacity to ask transit riders in Toronto what they’re listening to on their mp3 players.

She visited each subway station, surveying an average of 20 people over a three-week period.

Most of the time, people were “mystified” at her question.

After getting a taste of their ear candy, she took the list of songs — some embarrassing to admit — and began compiling the Toronto Subway Playlist Project on her website,

“I had people who were like, ‘I’m listening to the Backstreet Boys,’” said Perry, a podcast producer.

Now, Perry wants to bring her project to Ottawa, where “it’s quite likely” she’ll venture onto OC Transpo.

“I would love to do the O-Train,” said Perry.

New York City and Tokyo are also on her list.

While talking to commuters, who generally isolate themselves by using their devices, she found “they really wanted to engage.”

“All I had to do was ask,” said Perry.

Toronto’s own hip hop superstar Drake ranked the most popular among riders.

On the other hand, “there were a few tough looking kids in baggy pants who were listening to classical music,” she said.


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