Rescued dog still terrified of pooches

Apollo, the scrawny pup who once cowered at the sight of another dog, is recovering slowly following his ill treatment at a Shawville-area puppy mill.

The owners of the kennel Paws “R” Us, near Shawville, were sentenced in a Quebec court Friday to a two-year ban from operating a commercial breeding facility.

More than 525 dogs were seized from the facility in September 2011 for denying animals basic needs and socialization.

Apollo, his ordeal still fresh in his mind, remains terrified of other dogs and his behaviour has turned aggressive.

When he sees a dog, he barks and jumps.

Other than that, the wire hair fox terrier “seems to be doing very well,” said his owner, Julian, who asked his last name not be used.

“He’s as playful as ever and is loving the weather that Ottawa is having.”

Julian bought the dog in February 2010 for $350. The pup’s scarred, pink legs had no hair. Apollo didn’t know how to climb stairs.

But he’s since learned new skills.

Apollo enjoys swimming, which he’s been doing a lot of during this balmy weather.

He even goes into the pool on his own.

Apollo visited the veterinarian last month and is now at a good weight.

His owners are shocked at the penalty handed down and said they want the puppy mill owners banned for life.


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