Bedroom fire injures 1

A man was rushed to hospital suffering smoke inhalation following a bedroom fire in the west end Saturday morning.

Neighbours said a woman was walking by, saw flames from an upstairs window, then knocked on the door at 503 Dawson Ave., near Richmond Rd. and Kirkwood Ave.

“The flames were quite intense, really,” said a neighbour.

Fire crews got the call at 8:17. The lone occupant, a 49-year-old man, was sleeping. He made it out of the room, then tried to put the fire out with a bowl of water but couldn’t see through the thick smoke.

“I guess he had just woken up, was a little disoriented,” said fire spokesman Marc Messier.

He advises against putting out your own fire, unless it’s in the kitchen and an extinguisher is on hand.

“The smoke, as soon as your take your first breath, you’re going to start coughing, and your eyes are going to start to water. It’s almost immediate,” he said.

“In a case like this, no, get out. I think our instinct is, sometimes, to try but that’s what gets people in trouble.”

The second-storey bedroom in the cottage-style home was fully involved when fire crews arrived.

“The firemen were exceptional,” a neighbour said.

Firefighters tore down the ceiling and opened up walls to check for fire extension.

The blaze was contained to the bedroom, however, there was heavy smoke damage throughout the home. Crews knocked it down within 25 minutes.

No other injuries were reported and the cause remains under investigation.

Total damage is estimated at $175,000.

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