Booted kids get Transpo apology

OC Transpo is apologizing to 30 Barrhaven high school students and their parents after a driver booted the children from a city bus on Thursday afternoon.

The Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School students were pulling pranks by ringing the bell without anyone exiting the Route 176 bus.

The driver asked them to leave.

By doing so, “The operator did not follow the proper protocol of contacting the control centre to advise them that unruly passengers were aboard the bus,” Transpo general manager John Manconi wrote in a memo to council Friday.

“The control centre would have then dispatched a supervisor and or a special constable to provide assistance to the bus operator.”

Transpo has met with the driver and “appropriate actions have been taken,” Manconi wrote.

The incident took place around 3:45 p.m. and Longfields-Davidson principal Patsy Agard received a phone call from Transpo Friday morning, said public school board spokeswoman Sharlene Hunter.

“She did say that they were very apologetic,” Hunter told the Sun immediately after speaking with Agard.

“They told her that it was a new driver and that training will be done.”

All of the students got in touch with their parents or “felt that they were old enough to walk the rest of the way,” said Hunter.

Transpo is expected to release a public statement Friday.


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