Slain couple had ‘harmonious’ life

Louise Leboeuf and Claude Levesque were a “harmonious couple” who were “always together,” say friends.

Devotional gatherings were held by friends in the east and west ends of Gatineau Saturday evening, aimed at honouring the family.

Leboeuf, 63, was found dead in her Aylmer home Thursday afternoon along with her husband Levesque, 58, and daughter, Anne-Katherine Powers, 21.

“They were really kind and generous people,” said Virginie Lamaute, one of Powers’ best friends.

The trio were stabbed to death, allegedly by Powers’ estranged husband, Shakti Ramsurrun, 28.

All four lived together at 64 Felix Leclerc St., along with the young couple’s one-year-old son, who has been taken into protective custody.

Ramsurrun appeared in Gatineau court Friday and is facing three first-degree murder charges.

Friends say Levesque was an engineer who once worked for the city of Gatineau’s public works department and left to become a self-employed consultant.

“Claude was a very mild man,” said a close friend who asked not to be named.

The last time he saw the couple was in March when they met for lunch at Dinty’s restaurant in Aylmer.

“They were just very loving and lovable people, very compassionate, very accepting,” he said, adding Leboeuf taught workshops on love.

“Their whole philosophy was based on unity, on love, on compassion.”

Levesque had a daughter from a previous relationship, but raised Powers as his own.

“She was a little kid when he was in her life,” said Lamaute.

“For her, he was like a dad.”

Leboeuf was retired.

A few years ago, she shut down the bed & breakfastshe ran out of their home.

And before that, Leboeuf had a career in the psychiatric field, working in the U.S. for many years.

Powers was extremely close with her parents, said Lamaute.

“It was a great family.”

Funeral details have not been released.

Ramsurrun is slated to appear in court May 31.

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