Young heroes honoured at City Hall

Gavin Abraham may very well be the youngest recruit the Ottawa Paramedic Service has ever seen.

Just 10 years old, he’s already impressed first responders — twice — by remaining cool under pressure when his father, Phil, suffered seizures six months apart last year.

“I’ve seen it happen all the time,” said Abraham, who dreams of being a paramedic one day.

He told the communications officers he could handle the situation until the ambulance arrived because a few years ago his mom, Christy, taught him how to react.

“I make sure that he’s okay, move things far away from him, grab the phone, and call 911,” said Abraham, a south-end resident.

Abraham was one of six kids honoured for bravery and quick thinking during the 14th annual 9-1-1 Children’s Achievement Awards at City Hall on Friday.

“You’re truly role models for other young people in our community,” Mayor Jim Watson told the children.

Last spring, Malak Khanager, 9, spotted a suspicious man in her backyard for the third time.

He was trying to enter the west end home.

Khanager took the reins and phoned 911, describing the man, while her mom and siblings hid upstairs.

Meanwhile, Nepean resident Yasmeen Saeed, 7, comforted her younger sister, Hana, when their mom fainted at home.

“She was acting like an adult,” said Saeed’s mother, Suad Hagi Abukar.

“I’m very proud.”

Abdallah Jarah (11), Alia Muse (11), and Noah Anderson (9) were recognized for helping family members during medical emergencies.


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