Presto will collect rider info

Is there anything Presto can’t do?

The transit smart-card is expected to “redefine customer relationships by enabling easy monitoring and measurement of single-trip fares and monthly pass use,” according to Transpo’s updated business plan.

“It will provide a better understanding of how our customers use our system and also provide further opportunities to improve OC Transpo’s operational performance.”

Presto’s managing director and executive vice-president Steve Zucker explains why.

“So all the data that we collect about people using certain routes and how frequently they use those routes — not as individuals but just in total numbers — having all that information and being able to analyze that information helps planning and budgeting for OC Transpo,” said Zucker.

If Transpo collects more information, “they can better plan transit routes and understand transit patterns,” said Zucker.

The latest figures released Tuesday peg 167,000 transit riders in Ontario using Presto on eight transit systems in the Greater Toronto Area, plus GO Transit.

Transpo moves an estimated 400,000 people daily.

— Kelly Roche

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